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Claudia Cattaneo

An important story is brewing in Canada's Alberta Tarsands and with the new "left wing" New Democratic Party of Rachel Notley. She recently announced a deal with Big Oil to enlarge tarsands production with the support of Forest Ethics, Pembina Institute, Equiterre and even Greenpeace Canada. See article and links below that point to evidence of a split within fossil fuel capital and the "environmental movement".

Gordon Laxer

It was quite a sight: The CEOs of Alberta’s oilsands projects stood with NDP Premier Rachel Notley to announce Alberta’s climate plan before the climate talks in Paris. The CEOs had the widest smiles.

No wonder. Alberta’s climate plan targets the 28 per cent of Alberta’s greenhouse gases from power generation and transportation (driving), and leaves the 46 per cent of the province’s emissions from the production of oil and gas almost scot-free.

Ben Lucas

Fossil fuel companies should be “kicked out” of the climate negotiations in Paris at the end of this month, Green Party MPCaroline Lucas has told the House of Commons.

Her comments were made during a questioning session with the Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Amber Rudd, in parliament on Thursday afternoon.

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