Maria Alejandra (Majandra) Rodriguez Acha, Peru

, 30/05/15

Maria Alejandra (Majandra) Rodriguez Acha is a Peruvian sociologist, educator and activist. She has launched and worked on multiple intercultural, environmental and critical citizenship education initiatives in India, the US and Peru. As a climate justice activist, she was part of the Peruvian delegation at Global Power Shift in Turkey (2013); was a Peruvian delegate at the International Gathering of Youth for the Climate and Sustainability of Latin America and the Caribbean in Colombia (2014); was a civil society representative at the Social Pre-COP in Venezuela (November, 2014); was a member of the Youth Committee of the People’s Summit (Cumbre de los Pueblos) parallel to COP20; and participated in COP20 as a consultant for the COP20 Lessons Learned study commissioned by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment. She is co-founder and co-coordinator of TierrActiva Perú, an activist collective and national network that works towards “system change, not climate change,” thus seeking to highlight the linkages between all forms of oppression and the climate crisis.