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See Climate Space events in Paris.

mid-Nov: international art/activist collective begins 5-week temporary alternative community in a squatted space in paris

26 Nov - Dec 12 - People's Climate Strike

27 Nov:  ZADs convergence in Paris (the convergence of marches from autonomous territories and radical local struggles in France (the ZAD movement is widely held to be the most well-known and inspiring radical resistance in the country--website of the ZAD in Notre-dame-des-landes: 

28 Nov: ZAD manifestation in Paris

Nov. 29th:  the large climate march in Paris (there will be some actions this day as well)

Nov. 30th:  Round 1 of Climate Games--this is a global tool to support direct action and create a framework for actions against the root causes of the climate crisis.  

Nov. 30th:  global student climate strike    

Dec. 1-11:  escalating actions throughout the COP

Dec. 4:  blockade of (false) solutions cop21 event in la gran palais in paris

4-5 December - International Rights of Nature Tribunal – Paris

5-6 Dec.:  Climate Forum - global village of alternatives in Montreuil

Dec. 12:  Climate Games Round 2 + mass direct action in Paris based on (attached) redlines concept (though the proposal that got accepted by the intl coalition of civil society has been watered down--the global dimension is envisaged as not only solidarity actions but marking sites with red lines that may be targeted by direct action by the movements in 2016) + convergence space of alternatives in paris (see PDF)


See UN Climate Change NEWSROOM for updates on the UNFCCC processes

Concluding that only the broadest, most powerful social movement the world has ever seen has a chance of addressing climate change decisively, we will explore: 1) the current state of global climate justice movements, 2) their proposals going into Paris, and 3) the analyses, strategies, tactics, and alliances they will develop after COP 21.

To do this, we will mobilize a diverse network of climate justice activists, including youth climate activists, NGOs, former negotiators, and progressive politicians to work toward two ends: to map the global climate justice movement and to generate analyses that might further its ambitious but necessary objectives. This climate justice on-line hub, and academic and more popular publications will be both our method and our product.

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Countdown to Conference

958 days, 18 hours, 6 minutes since Paris Climate Justice.

Refocusing resistance for climate justice

Aritcles from Joel Wainwright and Jeff Mann:
Climate Change and the Adaptation of the Political (2015)
Climate Leviathan (2013)